June 4, 2010

Book Release: Answering the Tough Questions About Sexuality

I just finished my first book…well, booklet. It’s a short book that goes through the main questions that teens and parents ask about sexuality. It’s purposefully short and to the point so it’s a quick read. It is also written so that either teens or parents can read, possibly even together…

You can pick up a copy by clicking on the following link:

Here is what people are saying about it:

“Jake Kircher has written a wonderful booklet on sexuality giving the honest, straight scoop on healthy sexuality. He knows the key questions kids and parents are asking and he answers them with short, yet profound answers. This is a booklet I will pass along to everyone I can. Parents get this booklet and give it to your kids. They will read it. Youth Workers buy this booklet for your entire youth group and go over each question and answer. It’s great stuff. “

Jim Burns, PhD
President, HomeWord
Author of Teaching Your Children Healthy Sexuality and The Purity Code

“Answering the Tough Questions About Sexuality doesn’t talk down to teens or candy-coat the real issues teens face daily. Instead, it presents solid, biblical advice in a direct and realistic style. Jake Kircher uniquely blends credible research, theology and adolescent sexuality in a format that promotes parent-teen discussions on vital issues.”

Timothy Smith
Author of The Danger of Raising Nice Kids and founder of www.ParentsCoach.org

“Our over-sexualized world is giving kids lots of guidance and direction on how to live out the wonderful gift of their sexuality. Sadly, most of that direction is anything but helpful, good, or Godly. Jake Kircher’s little book is a great springboard into thoughtful discussion of sex and sexuality, offering parents and teens answers and advice that can launch them into a deeper understanding of God’s best for this area of their lives.”

Walt Mueller
President, Center for Parent/Youth Understanding

“At a time when our young people struggle deeply to understand their sexuality and parents and youth leaders search for ways to clearly and effectively communicate the basic truths about this critical topic, along comes Answering the Tough Questions About Sexuality. Jake Kircher packs a lot of solid information and, more importantly, Godly wisdom into this concise and straight forward little booklet that will serve as an excellent resource for parents, youth workers, and the young people they love care about.”

Mark Orr
New England Regional Coordinator, National Network of Youth Ministries and Executive Director, REACH Youth New England, Inc.

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