February 8, 2013

Open Boston Workshop: Talking to Students About Dating, Sex...AND Marriage

I had SUCH a blast at Open Boston this past weekend. I was so pleased with how everything turned out and felt like youth workers really had a great day!

If you want to check out the workshop that I led, click here to download the audio of the session.

If you want a copy of the PowerPoint presentation, click here.

Here is the session description:

Dating and sex are two topics that are not always easy to discuss with teenagers. Often times it can be uncomfortable, you don’t know exactly how to answer questions and sometimes it feels like students know more about stuff that you may! And at the same time of talking to students, you have parent expectations to keep in mind as well. We’ll explore some helpful thoughts about engaging these topics with teens.

We will also talk about the importance of including marriage in the same thread of conversations. Often it is an issue we tend to leave out all together explaining that 7th garders aren’t there yet. As that is true for the right now, chances are the vast majority of your students will be married at some point down the road. It is not enough that we in the church wait to train people for marriage until 6 months to a year prior once they get engaged. It is crucial to talk about marriage NOW, and to make that part of the thread of dating and sexuality as these three issues all go hand in hand.

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