January 29, 2014

Sermon 1/26/2014 - When Life Doesn't Go the Way You Want

We all have plans, goals or ideals for our lives yet life often has a habit of not going the exact way we planned. As Christ followers, how should we respond when life throws us a curveball and what is God's role in it.

January 24, 2014

Summer Service: A Family Experience

Summer missions trips are exciting for us youth workers and for our students. They are great times away together to bond and serve the Lord. But, missions trips can also mean a week of stress for families back home who are trying to run normally without the help of the youth worker spouse. Here are a handful of tips to keep in mind as you plan your summer service opportunities that will help keep both your youth group and your family happy about these experiences...

January 13, 2014

Monadnock Sexuality Workshop

I had a blast with my students this weekend at Monadnock Bible Conference for their first Encounter Retreat of the 2014 season. As part of that weekend, I was asked to give my workshop on sexuality for the students and leaders in attendance. I recorded it so those who missed it still had a chance to catch the workshop so if you'd like to check it out, click here.

We ask what God think's about sex, how and why He wants us to have it, we ask if God's desire is really for us to be virgins until we're married, what God thinks about masturbation, and more...

January 10, 2014

Sermon 1/5/14 - Science Versus Creation (Think)

The age old debate between Science and creation is a hot one among teens. This week, we open up a debate and ask students to share their views on wether both of these issues should be discussed in schools equally, if evolution and intelligent design can co-exist, if the big bang theory and genesis 1 can co-exist and if the "days" in Genesis one are literally 24-days or figurative.

Sermon 12/22/2013 - The First Christmas

What would it have been like to be either Joseph or Mary for the first Christmas and what can they tell us about how we should respond to stressful circumstances? My friend Raquel and I tackle this question, her from the perspective of Mary and myself from the perspective of Joseph.

3 Reasons to be Real

Stories of transformation are powerful. There is something that happens when you hear an amazing account of someone turning his or her life around. These tales snare your emotions, renew your sense of hope, and deepen your faith in a God who is all about redeeming and transforming. This is why it is so important regularly share about the transformation that’s happened in your life—especially transformation in your relationships, marriage and family.

In all honesty, family life and marriage are two areas in life that need constant renovation. No one pushes your buttons the way that your spouse and kids do. We are our best, and worst, with the loved ones who experience life with us the most closely. To have good marriages and healthy relationships with our children we must act selflessly. This is incredibly hard to do, and requires the relentless transformation of our inner selves by Jesus Christ. With him, we are daily becoming better husbands, wives, and parents. It is therefore imperative that we are honest about our struggles, and triumphs, with those around us: youth group students, parishioners, other parents, friends, and so forth.

These people need to see the normal struggles we have, even though we are leaders, and they need to hear the ways we are being transformed on a regular basis for a few reasons:

To check them out, click this link: http://www.morethandodgeball.com/#sthash.BkuRSodC.dpuf

January 3, 2014

The Marriage Triangle

Most of us know that Jesus should be a central part of our marriage.

We talk to our students about Christ-centered relationships using the image to the right; explaining that as a couple maintains their focus on God and moves closer to Him, they will also move closer to one another. But what does that really mean? How does that look in the daily grind of a marriage with all its ups, downs, joys, struggles, and mediocre moments?

Obviously, none of us will ever measure up to the ideal. God should be first in our hearts and our minds every moment. If this were happening, it would be easier to love our spouses. The love would flow from Christ, and we’d have a wellspring of compassion, forgiveness, patience, and forbearance. We don’t know for sure, but our guess is that you’re just like us—you try real hard, but sin and life just keep getting in the way! This is normal and okay.

A true Jesus-centered marriage is one where both spouses strive to keep Christ as the focus—strive being the key word here. What does striving mean in a practical sense?

To find out, head to: http://www.morethandodgeball.com/simply-insider/jesus-centered-the-marriage-triangle/#sthash.l2EnqsnJ.dpuf