February 26, 2014

Sermon 2/23/14 - Getting to Work

When it comes to a relationship with Jesus, what's more important: belief in Jesus or doing things for Jesus? James 2:14-26 answers this question with a resounding, "Yes!"

February 7, 2014

The Valentine's Day Problem

Here’s an important question to ask: Does your spouse know you love them more than your ministry?

The first year we were married, Jake was excited to do something special for Valentine’s Day. He’d been brainstorming ideas since the New Year about places we could go for dinner and things we could do to make the night memorable. However, there was one big glitch in his plans: that particular year, Valentine’s Day fell on youth group night. We’re sure you youth workers feel that nervous gut clench as you read this. You know the feeling. Choosing between work and spouse…what to do?!

- See more at: http://youthministry.com/the-valentines-day-problem/#sthash.WAMuqSy5.dpuf

February 4, 2014

Sermon 2/2/2014 - Hello My Name is ?

How do you see yourself? Like, really, deep down, see yourself? What are the names you call yourself, the hurts you hold onto, the things other people have said that you cling to? And how does all that compare to the way that Jesus sees you?

Video clip: "Identity" by Dan Stevens - sermonspice.com/product/56004/identity