May 27, 2014

What is the Right Age to Start Dating?

I have the privilege of working with an AWESOME group of youth workers in Fairfield County. This past year, we started doing joint events together and the response has been amazing. During our last event of the school year, we did an event on Love, Dating and Breakups and I got to speak on the dating piece.

May 20, 2014

Sermon 5/18/14 - The Power of Prayer

As James closes off his letter, he discusses the power of prayer. What exactly is prayer though and how do we handle James' seeming promise that if you ask for prayer when you are sick, you WILL be healed.

May 9, 2014

The Power of Staying

Serving in ministry is a mixture of ups and downs—just like life. There are hilltop moments when students are responding to Christ, parents are happy, and the staff seems to be getting along…and there are valleys where criticisms spring up on what feels like a never-ending loop, students struggle, and you feel undervalued and on the verge of burnout.

In the past 12 years of ministry life, we’ve experienced both extremes—and everything in the middle—and have wrestled with a “grass is greener” mentality many times. The urge to run is a normal human response to adversity, especially when you feel like you’re giving your best and it’s never enough.

There are times when the wisest, healthiest thing to do is to step away from a particular ministry or job, but there is also great health and peace to be found when you stay put and stick it out...

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May 6, 2014

Sermon 5/4/14 - How We Handle Our Money

Is having money and lots of stuff a bad thing? James starts chapter 5 by warning the rich about their wealth. But what does the warning actually entail and who does it apply to?