November 17, 2014

Sermon 11/16/14 - Angry at God

What are the things that usually make you angry? Going deeper, WHY do those things make you angry? What can we learn about our anger from the story of Jonah?

Bringing Home Difficult People

Whether you have been in youth ministry for 5-minutes or 50-years, it doesn’t usually take long to figure out that there are some difficult people within our churches. You know, that parent who always seems to have an issue with something you’re doing. That elder who seems to never be satisfied with youth group attendance. Or that pastor who just can’t understand why you do what you do with students.

In our experience, it’s these difficult people within our churches that can be one of the biggest threats to our marriage. Jake has had countless times, especially early in his career, where he has come home frustrated and short due to a difficult encounter that day. We’ve had pending decisions from church leadership that impact our family’s wellbeing that seem to drag out forever. And we’ve had demanding parents interrupt family time because they want something now or else…

Difficult people are a guarantee in our line of work, but how do we avoid bringing them home all the time to our families?

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November 3, 2014

REVIEW: Redefining the Role of the Youth Worker: A Manifesto of Integration

NOTE: This review was written months before I signed a publishing contract with the same publisher as this book.

With the growing tide of books addressing the changes in youth culture today, The Youth Cartel continues to release highly practical books at the forefront of changing the way youth ministry is operating. April Diaz'sRedefining the Role of the Youth Worker: A Manifesto of Integration is a highly personal story of how she and the leadership at Newsong Church completely re-wrote their youth worker job descriptions.

REVIEW: Youth Ministry in a Post Christian World

NOTE: This review was written months before I had a publishing contract to write the sequel to this book.

It seems as if the youth ministry world has been talking about the epidemic of high school students walking away from their faith after graduation forever. There have been countless books citing research and observations about the changing trends of how students approach faith and where things could be heading.

Brock Morgan's Youth Ministry in a Post-Christian World is an amazing addition to this topic that is refreshingly different.