About Jake

Jake has been working with teens, families and young adults for fifteen plus years as a pastor, consultant, writer, and speaker. He has been involved with a number of local, regional and national organizations in various capacities from speaking, communications, writing, social media and web design. He is a graduate of Gordon College, has been published in Youth Worker Journal, Group Magazine, Immerse Journal and Relevant Magazine, as well as having published numerous books including Teaching Teenagers in a Post-Christian World and the THINK Curriculum designed to help students own their own faith beliefs. He is currently the Associate Pastor of Trinity Church in Greenwich and Darien CT and the author of the monthly Viva! Curriculum with the Youth Cartel.

He has been married to Melissa (a writer and artist whose work can be seen at www.melissakircher.com) more than a decade. They live in Norwalk with their two children.