Jake has been preaching, speaking and leading workshops for sixteen years. He has spoken at churches, retreats, town events, public and private schools and conferences. And he has spoken to parents, teachers, young adults, teenagers, and youth workers.

If you are interested in having Jake come and speak at your event, please send an email with details and questions to jake@jakekircher.com.

Below are some of the topics and workshops he has done in the past:
Social Media: Crafting a Family Plan - Parent Workshop
Why are teens drawn to technology and social media today and what are the best ways to keep our kids safe online and teach responsible social media use?

Talking to Our Kids About Dating, Relationships, and Sex - Parent Workshop
These are not the easiest topics to talk to our kids about, but yet they're crucial to address in order to help our kids navigate their relational world of adolescence. What are some of the best tools and practices we can use to help our kids have as healthy relationships as possible?

Helping Our Kids Embrace Adulthood - Parent Workshop
Sociologists suggest that our kids are taking longer and longer to embrace the responsibilities of adulthood, taking until their early 30's. Why is this happening and what can we do as parents to help our kids embrace adulthood sooner?

Parenting Through Societal Pressures - Parent Workshop
Our kids are facing a lot of pressure today from sports to academics and of course their social decisions. How can we be the kind of parents that our kids need and make sure we're giving them tools and resources that equip them to navigate the adolescent pressures they face every day?

Helping Our Kids Own Their Own Beliefs - Parent or Youth Worker Workshop
Rather than just having our kids regurgitate beliefs that we have deemed are "right," what does it look like as parents of youth workers to help our kids explore their own faith for the sake of making it authentically their own? (Based on my book Teaching Teenagers in a Post-Christian World)

What Does a Healthy Dating Relationship Look Like - Teen or Adult Workshop
What does it look like to invest in a healthy dating relationship that explores a potential future together and puts in building blocks to build towards greater health in your relationship?

Finding, Assessing and Living Out Your Calling - Teen, Adult or Ministry Leader Workshop
Who are you? Who are you meant to be? What are you called to do with your life? We explore what the meaning of being "called" really is and talk about ways we can figure out what we're supposed to be doing with our lives.

Love and Marriage Series - Adult Workshops
The Love and Marriage Series is a collection of 6 workshops that tackle the topic of relationships. The content can be done for singles or couples at any stage in their relationships. Each workshop can be done as a standalone offering as well.
  1. The Foundation of Marriage - What is the ultimate foundation of a relationship that is heading towards marriage? What do we ultimately want out of a marriage and what are some things to help us work towards that goal?

  2. How You Fit Together - Having a healthy marriage work has far less to do with compatibility and more to do with understanding and respecting who your significant other really is. How do we make sure we're giving each other the S.P.A.C.E. to be themselves, but yet also fit together as a couple as well?

  3. Finding Time For Your Relationship - Let's face it, we're all pretty busy. Yet, having a relationship takes time so that we can emotionally and intellectually connect. This is a very practical session that helps you think through how you are spending your time and assess potential changes to better invest in your most important relationship.

  4. Dealing With Conflict - The mark of a healthy relationship is not a lack of conflict, but more how you handle conflict when it presents itself. We explore how many couples handle conflict, what works and what doesn't, and discuss some of the best ways to respond when conflict arises.

  5. The Power of Sex - There is nothing more intimate and vulnerable than sex within a relationship. As amazing as it is, it can also be one of the most challenge aspects of a relationship. What does having good sex look like within a marriage and how can we take steps to making our own sex life reflect that?

  6. Your Story: Living into Your Relationship - What is our role within the story that our relationship is telling and how can we work together with our significant other to write as good a story as possible?


"Jake can take any biblical text and make it relatable. He knows how to connect it to our lives because he pays attention and cares about what's going on. Any event is lucky to have him."
-Leslie, 15 year old teen

"I always thought the Scriptures were written for somebody else but Jake made me feel like they were written just for me."
- Church service visitor

“Jake is an amazing speaker who knows how to connect with audiences of all ages. He really understands people, especially teenagers, and any group would be privileged to have him as a speaker.”
- Kyle, 15 year old teen